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Seamless Payments and Unforgettable Experiences with SOLO

Empowering countless businesses in Sri Lanka

Enter the world of effortless transactions and enhanced customer experiences with SOLO digital wallet for the entertainment industry. From movie theaters to amusement parks, SOLO simplifies ticketing, concessions, and merchandise payments, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing revenue opportunities. Join the SOLO revolution and take your entertainment business to new heights.

Payments made easy & convenient

Try out the new way of accepting contactless payments through any LankaQR App

Low Cost facility

More benefits for less cost

The more the merrier

By getting enrolled as a merchant stand a chance to take part in an array of events and promotions helping you grow your business and profits hand in hand

Frequently asked questions

How to get enrolled as a merchant?

Fill the form or reach out to us on 011 452 3523


There are no fixed costs, merchants will only pay a minimal percentage as commission for each transaction

Is a Business registration required?

Merchants with and without a registration can both be enrolled under LankaQR Facility(SOLO).

Guide to Merchant Portal

Transaction viewing and Reconciliation has never been more easier and convenient

Request a call back

Contact Form Demo (#4) (#7)

SOLO Merchant Help Desk

Contact the SOLO Merchant support team under 011 452 3523

Customer Convenience

The era of physical cash and card payments is at an end with the new Contactless payment methods introduced by LankaQR

Embraced by a vast network of merchants across the entire island